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Book the full boat for 12 divers and get 1 person's diving cost refunded against shop or airfills. If diving numbers on the hardboat drop below 10 then the cost per person increases to cover that total sum of 10 to charter the boat.


We will always try and dive those sites requested by the group provided everyone is "dived up", suitably qualified for the depth and weather/tide dependant. The hardboat can go for full-day trips but divers will need 2 cylinders (extra ones can be rented) as there is no compressor on board.
When both boats are booked by one group, they can visits same sites or split up if there's a different level of experience/qualification i.e. deeper dives, drift etc. However, in view of safety the ultimate decision on dive site is with Aquaventures & the Skipper. Both boats have first aid / oxygen, VHF, GPS and are fully licensed by the Department of Marine.


It is advisable to take out travel insurance at time of booking, to include diving activities. Whilst onboard 3rd party insurance cover is provided. In the water no liability can be accepted. Check details on our Links page for Divers Alert Network (DAN Europe) Ltd.


To make a confirmed booking please collect deposits from everyone.
The deposit is non-refundable unless cancellation is received 6 weeks prior to the dates. See cancellation policy details below.


25% with booking and the balance 6 weeks prior to the trip. We can accept payment by PayPal, credit card, Laser debit card, cash, bank transfer or cheque (the latter 2 options can be paid in either Euros and Sterling).



If we cancel a trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, safety or mechanical break-down (in which case we will do our utmost to find an alternate charter boat), a change of date will be offered or a full refund of deposits/prepaid sums for cancelled dive(s) will be available except for credit card/administration charges that have been incurred of up to 5%.
This is not the case if an individual decides not to dive for whatever reason. Any dive spaces booked must be paid for in full, unless notice is given:


According to qualification & experience and prevailing conditions.


Wind and tide may determine what dive sites are optional on any given day and we normally try to visit those sites suitable to and preferred by the group.


We normally return to the harbour between dives for lunch and airfills, giving a decent surface interval, hence a good dive time again in the afternoon.


The hardboat can go out for full-day trips with lunch break either on board (local shop can make up rolls etc) or lunchtime en-route on an island or harbours nearby.


Upon arrival, prior to the first dive, everyone needs to sign a registration form / disclaimer and show their qualification card and logbook. This is then valid for further dives in the same calendar year / season.


Air fills are available up to 300 bar. Cylinders must be "in test" and marked accordingly. Cylinders "out of test" can not be filled for legal and safety reasons. 


Please prebook nitrox fills. The cost of nitrox depends on size of cylinder and mix. Mixes are prepared in the evening for the morning / 1st dive with air top ups at lunchtime if required. Diver needs to analyse mix before use and sign off the log with Nitrox qualification number. We have a booster pump for higher pressures of O2 / Nitrox.  Check prior to booking that nitrox is available.


It is illegal to interfere with any wreck or bring up any shellfish. Responsibility for the diver's max depth, air supply, duration of the dive, safety stops etc. is down to the individual and/or buddy pair. Aquaventures cannot accept liability for in-water activities but skipper(s) will always give a safety briefing and on-site dive briefing with depth, tides, likely visibility etc.


 Aquaventures Ltd. accepts NO LIABILITY for loss or damage to personal property including diving equipment, and any equipment left on the boat or in the dive centre overnight or during transport is at the owner's risk.

It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHARTERER / person booking on behalf of group or club, to ensure that all members of the group are familiar with these terms and conditions which shall apply to the booking.