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Baltimore in West Cork offers something for anyone interested in diving adventure. The coastline lies squarely in the path of the Gulf Stream thereby offering unpolluted waters with an underwater flora and fauna that are luxuriant and colourful - a diver's paradise with spectacular drop-offs and an abundant marine life. Aquaventures offers qualified divers the charter of individual spaces or full boat hire, subject of course to numbers. The dive centre has a well stocked shop, compressor room and equipment room. Your equipment can be serviced and your cylinders tested by the in-house technician. 

If wreck diving is what you're looking for then this section of coastline will not disappoint you. Most wrecks are between 10 minutes and 1 hour's boat journey from Baltimore harbour and lie in depths from 10 mtr to 90 mtr.

With the Gulf Stream warming these waters there is an abundance of marine life. Many divers now have their digital cameras and every nook and cranny of reef, wall and wreck will offer great photographic opportunities. Whether you choose the macro lens or wide angle be prepared for the unexpected colourful interactions that diving in these waters will throw at you!

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As a sea-faring nation Ireland has many wrecks which in themselves attract an eco-system and there are numerous close to Baltimore suitable for all levels of qualified divers. 

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