If You Can Swim You Can Snorkel

LOUGH HYNE  Europe's oldest Nature Reserve - this salt water lake is a place of peaceful serenity, steeped in local folklore and home to a unique eco system which sustains a huge variety of marine plants and animals. It is connected to the sea via a narrow tidal channel, known as the Rapids, and a great place to go for bird & seal watching or even to wander leisurely along the western shore towards Barloge Creek or the more challenging climb up Mount Knockomagh Hill, from where you'll have stunning panoramic views.

snorkeller with starfish
Lough Hyne and Sea bey
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Red sea squirt
Urchin Jewel Anemones
Morning Rental
30 (2.5 hrs) pp
Afternoon Rental
35 (3.5 hrs) pp
Full Day
45 (5 hrs) pp

For the 2023 season

An ideal family or group or couples outing - Snorkelling in West Cork.

Our staff will take you through the stage of selecting the rental equipment, which is all included in the fee. You will be wearing a full wetsuit, hood, mask, fins & snorkel, booties and snorkelling vest or buoyancy aid with gloves optional. You will learn how to ensure a good fit of all the equipment, in particular the mask and snorkel - there are small sizes specially for children. The wetsuits are thicker than those used for windsurfing but if you have your own, you might prefer to wear that with perhaps an additional wetsuit top or jacket for extra warmth provided by us.

We provide you with details / copy map, tidal information and weather to help you plan your outing. A full set consists of a wetsuit, hood, mask, fins & snorkel, booties and snorkelling vest or buoyancy aid with gloves optional. We do not rent out weightbelts so you can only float in/on the water rather than engage in free-diving as that is more risky and would require special training and qualification. We also have wetsuits to fit children from the age of 6 upwards.

Prerequisites are swimming ability, feeling comfortable in the water and general good health, with a minimum age for children of 6 yrs. We will be happy to plan your location taking into account the weather (wind direction) and tides. It is best to book your rental in advance. Youngsters must be accompanied by an adult / guardian or parent.

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