Social networking - staying in touch





Both Aquaventures and Jerry & Rianne are on facebook- let us know if you're there too and we can link up as friends (like). This is paticularly useful if y ou wish to be kept informed of special offers, sightings of the big whales in the autumn and any other newsy bits.



All this social media networking is time consuming and during the busy diving season we don't really use our phones close to or on the water for obvious reasons! However, we do have a Twitter page under the name aquaventuresie



Our Blog site has been overtaken by FB posts & messages but we still use the blog for news or special offers. Log on to let us know how best we can keep you posted.





Twitter, Facebook, Blog and You Tube


Our first website won a design award 17 years ago, when few companies had websites and eMarketing was in its infancy. Now that the web has become the marketing tool for every company, club or organisation, we too felt we had to modernise our look and go with a new design. We now have information, not just for our divers and snorkellers but also general tourist information, marine wildlife details, tides, life weather station (updated every couple of minutes), images both above and below the water, accommodation options and an online shop for books, clothing, DVDs and other diving related equipment as well as vouchers for birthdays and Christmas. It's a great online library for links to other useful sites too, so go on, have a brows.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us so that we can take these on board.


On several pages within our website we are showing relevant YouTube clips and if you have any good images or short video clips you'd like us to include, please let us know.