Cylinder Testing Dive Equipment Servicing




Clubs & Groups

Aquaventures will collect club & club members' cylinders (minimum of 15) from the club room within certain distances from Baltimore for hydro & visual tests (known as PIAT) but only inspect Steel cylinders not aluminium.



Service of your regulator is recommended annually and the best time is of course during the off-season (winter months) when you're perhaps not as active in the water. Turn-around time is normally 7 to 10 days. Aquaventures uses a courier for next day delivery when your reg is ready ensuring a quick and secure return.






Equipment Servicing & Cylinder Testing

We believe all diving equipment should be treated as life support equipment and recommend that all servicing be carried out by suitably trained, competent technicians.  Divers should insist on the best, after all, your life depends on it.


At Aquaventures, all servicing is carried out by A.S.S.E.T. trained technicians in accordance with manufactures guidelines and to recognised industry standards.  We only use manufacturer original service kits to ensure true compatibility and give you peace of mind.  We service Apeks, Scubapro, Aqua-Lung, Poseidon, Mares, Seeman, Sherwood Scuba, Dive Rite, Beuchat, SeacSub, A.P Valves and Dacor equipment.  We will service other makes of equipment subject to being able to obtain parts.


Equipment can be dropped into the dive centre or sent by courier. Upon completion of the test or service of equipment items can be collected or returned by Fastway Courier at €13.50 per parcel up to 30 kg in weight.

Regulators & BCDs

Regulator Service

€47.50 labour cost PLUS cost for parts (included in the service are the cleaning / servicing of attached accessories such as inflator hoses / octo)

Due to recent increased prices from UK suppliers (where most dealerships are) the typically cost of a full regulator is between €85 - 100 for most brands (including first stage, second stage and octo kits and we only use recommended parts and official authorised manufacturers’ service kits.

Our turn-around time is normally a week to 10 days but in come cases with unusual / non-European brands of regulators, stocking or getting service kits can cause delays and we will do out utmost to get your regulator back to you as soon as possible.

Mouthpieces, when defective / holed or hoses in poor condition / leaking will be replaced but the cost is not included in the prices quoted here. Defective parts will always be returned to you not for re-use but rather as proof that these were removed & replaced.


BCD Service

€20 labour cost PLUS parts depending on features such as autoair or Air2, inflator, mini-cylinder connection etc.


Cylinder Periodic Inspection & Test (PIAT)

As of March 2003, inspection centres in Ireland adopted the new European Standards EN 1802 & 1968 for aluminium and steel cylinders.  The new standards require that cylinders are visually inspected every 2.5 years with a hydrostatic test every 5 years.  There were also some changes to the stamping, colour coding and labelling requirements.  Valves require servicing under both standards as part of the inspection process and are included in the price.

Visual Inspection Only

€30.00 inc parts

Hydrostatic Inspection

€42.50 (includes the above)

Shot Blast

€20.00 - 30.00 (if cylinder is corroded)

Any cylinder or valve that fails a test will be rendered unserviceable.  The charge for the inspection still applies.  All cylinders that pass will be issued with a test certificate, be stamped, labelled and colour coded accordingly.  Aquaventures, in conjunction with other test centres in Ireland, joined IDEST (Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Service & Testing) in June 2006 in order to comply with new legislation on testing, workshop practice & inspector accreditation.


Oxygen Servicing

Use of SCUBA equipment with Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) requires that, in some cases, special procedures are needed to ensure that the equipment is suitable cleaned of contaminants and that materials are oxygen compatible.  Some manufacturers allow their regulators from new to be used with mixtures with an Oxygen component of 40% or less.  Standards recommend that cleaning is carried out for any mix over 25%, which is in line with European and the Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) practice.  A lot depends on the air quality output of the filling compressor (see below).  We recommend that if you are going to use your regulator and cylinder with Nitrox on a regular basis to get it cleaned and keep it that way.  That means that you need to have your cylinder filled from a compressor whose output contains less than 0.1mg/m3 oil mist in addition to meeting the usual air quality standards

Cylinder & Valve

€30.00 plus parts (only if the valve requires them)

Cylinder only


Control Valve only

€12.50 plus parts


€47.50 plus parts (includes all attached accessories)


Air Quality Analysis

Breathing quality air is produced to two standards, BS 4275 or BS EN 12021.  Traditionally air quality analysis was carried out with Dräeger type tubes that required the inspector to make a subjective judgment.  Ambient conditions and the method of sampling could affect readings and differences between inspectors reading the same sample showed up the flaws in this method.  Modern air quality testing is better achieved by spectrometer and gravimetric methods that provide quantitative readings rather than an inspectors opinion.  A hybrid standard comprising the best of the two can be used to ensure breathable air quality.  Download the Aquatron documents in our download section for more information on getting a proper analysis of your compressors air.


Our air is tested quarterly and the current analysis is posted in the compressor room for you to see.


EU Directive 89/686/EEC implies that any person or company supplying air for breathing purposes should test the air to ensure that it complies with the standard (EN 12021).