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Explore Baltimore

The marketing cooperative is a very active tourism driven group of local businesses in Baltimore and the Islands who have achieved tremendous press coverage with their festivals, special offers and joint marketing drives.





Media Exposure - TV Programs & Printed Format


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Subsea Magazine 2003 - Kowloon Bridge - Europe's biggest wreck.



Evening Echo February 2010 full text of the - MV Julia Press Release (Rianne Smith obo Explore Baltimore Marketing Cooperative) and newspaper cutting dated 15th February 2010.


National TV

RTE "Nationwide" program broadcast on 26th February 2010 about the 100,000 investment by Baltimore & the Islands businesses into the MV Julia ferry service between Swansea and Cork (skip to 17 mins into the RTE player for the interview).


RTE "Nationwide" program broadcast on 26th June 2009 about tourism and beating the recession in Baltimore including an interview with Rianne Smith of Aquaventures about "Explore Baltimore Marketing Group" and taking kids snorkelling on a pretty windy day.


RTE travel program "No Frontiers" on 8th January 2008 with Rianne Smith taking one of the presenters as a dance partner in set-dancing (footage of Baltimore, kayaking and Casey's set-dancing).