Wreck of the Illyrian





Type: Steam ship

Owner: Bibby Line

Built: 1867 (No. 49)

Yard: Belfast by Harland Wolff

Hull: Steel with single screw compound expansion engine & 4 auxillary masts

Dimensions: 390 ft x 37.2 ft

Tonnage: 2931





Illyrian - 15 May 1884

Steel with single screw compound expansion engine & 4 auxillary masts. On route from Liverpool to New York went on the rocks at night during dense fog. All 68 crew were saved. One of her sister vessels (The Bohemian) was wrecked at Barley Cove previously.


Licence to dive required as 100 year rule applies.


The crack cave just west of the anchor in about 10 to 12 mtrs is well worthwhile a visit provided you have calm surface conditions (no swell) with beautiful elephants' ear sponges and dahlia anemones plus huge spider crabs.








51° 26' N 009° 29' W

Under old lighthouse on Cape Clear (screed) in a dogleg N-S-W direction.



Top: 8 mtr top of her anchor, boilers in 20 and 27 mtrs

Seabed: shelving from 8 to 30+ mtr



Port side, well broken up.

Seabed: Rock and Gullies

Non-slack dependant dive site (but avoid going too far south/into depth beyond 27 mtrs as there tide may affect you).