Wreck of the Hourtien




Hourtien - 15 September 1931

French cargo steamer on route from La Rochelle when she struck Tim Rocks in fog and sank. Lies 1 mile east of the Old Cape Lighthouse. Skipper and 17 crew survived after spending the night aboard, landed safely on Cape Clear the following morning.







51° 27' N 009° 28' W

1m East from the Old Lighhouse on Cape Clear in a general N-S direction.



Top: 15 mtr top of her boiler

Seabed: 20-25 mtr south beyond the propellor



Lying on her starboard side. she's well broken up but a good dive with plenty of life particularly in and around her boiler, engine and drive shaft. one of her propellor blades is crudely sawn off but the rest remains.

Seabed: Rock and Gullies

Non-slack dependant dive site.