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We'd love to receive your feed-back on diving with us, our boats, equipment, servicing of your regulators, testing of cylinders or stay in the Stone House and general impressions of your visit to us. That way we can improve on our services and strengthen our role within the diving community.




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The following are just a sample of notes received. Since early 2012 we refer enquiries to the great reviews on Tripadvisor, Google and where we have been nominated amongst the top if not No 1 for local accommdation and given the Excellence Award for the last 6 years - if you wish to make a comment for our guestbook please "email us" or use the trip advisor widget.

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13 December 2011

Nuala Macklin, Dublin

Thanks you for your kind hospitality at the Stone House which I enjoyed with Connie and Julianna last weekend. Most of all, thank you so very much for your delicious bread. I can hardly wait for my return to Baltimore wen I can enjoy it once again.


1 October 2011

Brendan Forde, Dublin

Thanks a millian for everything last week... excellent facilities, equipment and tuition (and patience !!). Superb B&B (well done on the upgrade, you would put most hotels to shame), brilliant showers - much appreciated after a dive, great recommendations for walks and food. As for the diving... I am certainly won over. All I need now is weather and time. Thanks again for everything... much appreciated.


22 September 2011

Pól Ó Murchú, Dublin

Thanks so much for sending us a DVD of our day in Lough Hyne. Really apprciate all your kindness and look forward to going on further adventures next summer.


26 Aug 2011

David Shaw, Dublin

It was great to see Jerry on TV last week (Rescue at the Fastnet) - I thought we were going to have a new wreck to dive (The Rambler 100) !


31 Jul 2011

Ruth Collins, Dublin

Thanks a million for a great weekend, had such a great time, ill defo be back down, have to do Kowloon again as a matter of pride.


13 May 2011

Alison Riley, UK

Thanks Rianne for the bread recipe and the comfortable stay in Baltimore - the breakfasts were unforgettable! I'll recommend you if anyone I know heads your way.


31 October 2010

Jennifer Kealy, Ireland

Thanks for a great weekend diving (Kowloon Bridge, Lough Hyne & Arches - Kedge Island) we all really enjoyed it and Thai dinner was fab, see you all soon.


15 September 2010

Richie Cahill, Ireland

Thanks yet again for another excellent course. Accommodation / food was top notch also. Look forward to diving again with Aquaventures, thanks.


3 August 2010

Donie O'Riordan, Ireland

Thanks for absolutely smashing weekend. I'm sure that those who dived the Kowloon, Fastnet and the U260 will be ribbing those of us that didn't dive all three for a few weeks to come.


31 July 2010

Connor McSharry, Scotland

I hope this e-mail finds you well and that the weather and business good. I'm e-mailing to say how much I enjoyed my diving this summer. Also that I really appreciated the chance do some work and see how a dive centre is run. Thank you both, and I look forward to seeing you and diving next season.


8 June 2010

Des Egan, Ireland

Thanks for the great weekend, it was fantastic diving and service that couldn't be beaten.  I'm already recommending you to everybody I meet!


27 May 2010

Shawn Shea, USA

We had a wonderful trip and the stay in Baltimore was grand - thanks to you and yours at The Stone House. The food was superb and your eager helpfulness in everything made our stay delightful. Much thanks!


9 April 2010

Kara Black, USA

Thank you so much for the recipe and for your remarkably warm hospitality!  We really enjoyed your little part of the world. 


21 March 2010

Daniela Betinova, Ireland

We've heard a lot of good things about the Stone House from our friend and were wondering if you have a double bedroom available.....


15 February 2010

Elaine O'Riordan, Ireland

Thanks a million again for everything. I''m so glad I've completed it and when the weather gets a bit warmer I'll try to start building up a bit of experience.


4 Nov 2009

Frankie Motherway, Ireland

Just wanted to drop a line to say what a great afternoon we had diving with you.


31 Oct 2009

Clive & Ruth Evans, England

Thanks again for your hospitality and a relaxing break. I really must wind everyone up to run a trip next year tho you have heard those famous last words before!


17 Sep 2009

Hannus - Kontiki Diving, Netherlands

Prima reis gehad en zoals eerder gezegd echt voor herhaling vatbaar, inmiddels al veel telefoon gehad van belangstellende die niet meekonden. Namens de groep - complimenten voor het leuke weekend.


15 Sep 2009

Firas Jundi, Ireland

I am glad I got to see your operation, very professional, safe & great service. The dive on Kowloon Bridge last Friday was great. It reminded me with Thistelgorm. Thanks for diving with me and hoping to see you soon.


15 Aug 2009

Lesley - Adventure Diving, Ireland

Many thanks for another great weekend.  It was so lucky that we got all the dives – considering what the weather looked like on the Friday.


4 Aug 2009

Fiona Ninaber - Ireland

Thanks for the lovely diving weekend it was amazing. I will miss all that home made bread and good cooking of yours!


21 Jul 2009

Greg Hodkinson, Ireland

Hey rianne I'd like too say thanks a million and I couldnt have asked for a better teacher I'd like to say thank for your time and patience and for giving me one of the best times of my life, I'll hopefully see ya really soon and get more dives under me belt and thank you again.


17 Jun 2009

Carsten Wolff, Ireland

You did a fine job on my old reg, I actually went diving with it yesterday.


15 Jun 2009

Julian Todd, Wales

Just a note to say thanks for taking us out for a dive near Kedge island and filling our tanks last month. 


27 May 2009

Peter Elwood, England

Sorry we missed you after the dives on Saturday. Thanks for a great day, the Sub was way better than any of us expected.


22 Mar 2009

Anne Sheerin, Ireland

Thank you very much for the effort and excellent work you did with our boys over the past few years. We were the only school in the Cork/kerry region to have provided a diving module in Transition Year so that's no mean feat!


11 Feb 2009

Adrienne McKeever, Ireland

Thanks a mill for the voucher it looks great, I cant wait now! I'll give ya a shout when we think we can come, the B&B offer sounds great too!