Biox cleaning fluid and Corrosion Block high performance marine grease




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We use a courier service for next day delivery within the Republic of Ireland with collection on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Delivery is to a day-time address (home or work) where someone can sign in for the delivery and costs €15 per package up to 30 kg.





Irish Dealership & Importer

Aquaventures is the Irish Distributor / Dealer for Biox and Corrosion Block - see product specification and details below.


BIOX Biological O2 Immersion Fluid


Used within the Diving and Hyperbaric industry for effective cleaning processes of regulators, oxygenated life support systems and cylinder and control valves. The product is non flammable, non hazardous, non toxic and offers a a powerful and effective way of cleaning oxygen / hyperbaric equipment, industrial components including de-scaling and carbon removal and is greatly enhanced with Ultrasonic cleaning action.


Biox is used by military establishments, offshore oil rigs, diving schools, emergency services and is now becoming the industries standard. Please check the material data safety sheets (MDSS) on our downloads page.


We sell Biox in the following quantities (excluding delivery cost).

1 ltr


2 ltr

5 ltr
25 ltr


Corrosion Block®

This range of products is specially designed for the marine environment, kills corrosion on contact and won't soften, wash out or breakdown. It is designed for use in electrics and electronics as well as metals and structures to provide maximum protection under severe conditions. Its formulation provides both high and low temperature performance, increasing the service life of critical components. Corrosion Block Grease strongly resists water wash out and provides superior protection against rust and corrosion. It outperforms lithium and most synthetic greases and meets or exeeds requirements for NLGI Service Classification GC-LB (automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricants), which is based on ASTM D4950 performance requirements. it is proactive, neither passive nor waxy, is compatible with most plastics and rubbers and is extremely economical in use.

Corrosion Block


Corrosion block is available in a liquid (aerosol / pump action) or grease consistency.


Aerosol (12 oz/340 g)


Pump Spray (4 oz/.1183ml)


Grease (2 oz/57g)


Corrosion Block
Corrosion Block


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