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DAN Insurance

Make sure you have diving insurance appropriate for your "type of diving" including diving trips abroad. We have researched many and highly recommend DAN Europe (divers alert network)



DCI = The Bends

A reduction in pressure while ascending at the end of a dive will release dissolved gas (principally nitrogen) from solution in the tissues and blood and consequently form bubbles in the body. Suspect decompression sickness, (the "Bends", dysbarism) in any patients with a history of a dive within last 48 hours who presents with:

  • Joint pains (dull ache, unaffected by movement, "niggles" may flit between joints)
  • Neurological symptoms (however vague). Particularly changes in mentation, sensation, coordination, audiovestibular function, cerebellar symptoms or fatigue. Neurological signs (equivocal or definite, particularly cranial nerve deficits)
  • Skin rashes (pruritis, erythema, marbling of the skin)
  • Constitutional symptoms (malaise, extreme fatigue, the shivers)
  • Lymphatic oedema (esp. face, neck or breast)
  • SOB - (the "chokes") - caused by massive embolisation of the pulmonary vasculature by venous bubbles



Emergency situations

When diving off boats please ensure that you have a competent radio operator and licensed VHF marine radio on board, an O2 kit and first aid box as well as a trained oxygen administrator and first aider. All these are standard on the Aquaventures hardboat and rhib.


In case of an emergency, it is necessary to follow proper protocol. The contact details below are for information purposes only - check your nearest recompression chamber when planning your dives.


Irish Coastguard Dublin

channel 16 (VHF marine radio)

phone 999 / 112


Ambulance / Fire Brigade / Police 999 or 112

The National Hyperbaric Centre (Ireland)

54 Great Strand Street
Dublin 1
Director: Thomas Cummins MD

phone 01 8733044

24 hr phone 087 9729366

fax 01 8733969



Haulbowline Recompression Chamber - Naval Service Cork


The Naval service are permitting civilian access to their recompression chamber in Haulbowline until the new recompression chamber is opened in University College Hospital, Galway.

Should the Navy wish to take their chamber to sea they will advise Medico in Cork giving two weeks notice.

phone 021 4378777


channel 16 (VHF marine radio)

University Galway Hospital - Hyperbaric Medicine Unit

Newcastle Road

phone 091 544544 / 524222



The Hyperbaric Medical Centre (DDRC Plymouth)
Tamar Science Park
Derriford Road
Director: Dr P Bryson

phone 0044 01752 209999


[Out of Hours 0044 8702385001]



Regional Recompression Chamber Unit for Northern Ireland
Craigavon Area Hospital
Lurgan Road
Northern Ireland
BT63 5QQ
Director: Dr John E Galway

phone 00 44 801762 33 4444 / 0711