Irish Dealer - Sole Importer and Distributor of Cochran Dive Computers




Mounting Options:
Choice of Wrist Unit
  Module Only Hose Mount
  Wrist Mount - Standard Twin Console
  Retractor Triple Console
  Retractor with Compass



Case Colour:
Navy Seal Black (Standard) Bright Sky Blue
 Deep Sea Blue Nitrox Green  
 Battleship Gray Sunshine Yellow  
 Platinum Color Titanium Color  



Compensates for:
Water Temperature Previous Dive Profiles
Altitude Salt / Fresh Water  
Microbubbles Predive Airplane Flights  
User-Added Conservatism Postdive Airplane Flights  
Work Load    



Trade Enquiries

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Irish Cochran Dealership & Distribution Centre

Aquaventures is the Irish Distributor / Dealer for Cochrain Dive Computers.


Cochran Computers offer the best-value diving computer in the world and have the following features and benefits that you only get with a Cochran.

  • Intelligence. A truly intelligent “EMC” algorithm that recognises and records your total diving environment. Designed and written exclusively for Cochran by owner Mike Cochran – who gave the world the first computer-on-a-chip in the 70’s, and the forerunner of all computers – the calculator.

  • Guaranteed No Lockup.
    The environmental algorithm is written in Assembly language, a more reliable programming language, and then mated with a super-fast processor which constantly and rapidly calculates your dive time or decompression time. This perfect combination guarantees no lockup.

  • User-Programmable Conservatism. 51 safety levels that enable you to “secretly” tell the computer how you feel on the day based on the pre-disposing factors learned on your open water course. Such as your age, cold, dehydration, previous injury or illness, and even how much alcohol you drank the night before (hopefully none)!

  • Parametric Cloning. Just like your “octopus” gets a buddy out of trouble, parametric cloning enables the gas loadings from your Cochran to be transferred to another for buddies whose “other brand” computer locks up. Saves 000’s of dives a year.

  • More Dive Time. All computers have an in-built thermometer to record temperature, but only the Cochran translates temperature, water density and atmospheric pressure into more dive time or less deco time. So on a typical liveaboard trip costing £1000 or more you can safely get twice as much bottom time than with a standard computer. Effectively that’s £500 more value in dive time.

  • Reverse Profile Diving. Since 2002 divers have been able to do shallow dives before deep dives safely – the reverse of traditional theory. This was great news for divers who want to get 3 or more dives in every day, but don’t want to be restricted by decreasing depths. Other computers heavily penalize divers who dive deeper than a previous dive, or they will lockup – keeping you out of the water for 2 days in the middle of a dive vacation! Cochran computers maximize your dive time by allowing YOU to decide what depth you do on every dive.

  • A Model For You. Cochran allow you to “build” the computer configuration that best suits your diving - now AND in the future. Up to 7 mounting options starting with the wrist model, 7 colours, 2 backlight colours to suit your eyesight – red and yellow, 9 different mix combinations from air through to trimix and rebreathers, memory capacities up to 1450 hours, and the ability to change from metric to imperial depths depending on where you dive in the world.

  • Flight Data Recorder. Exclusively built-in to every Cochran computer to accurately assess your body’s nitrogen loading before AND after flying.

  • One Second Computing and Recording. Only the Cochran has the memory capacity to compute and record your dive every second, giving you immediate feedback during the dive, a comprehensive dive profile after the dive, and providing accurate information to doctors in the event of an emergency.

  • If you already own a diving computer, don’t be disappointed that the Cochran does so much more. For a trade-in or further information, please contact us.


All Models have a built in 'Flight Data Recorder' that records changes in altitude during your flight to and from the dive destination. (Eighteen percent of the DCI incidences occurred during or immediately after a Post-dive change of altitude.) Multi-blend configuration features Cochran's patented gas blend switching. The unit automatically, seamlessly, and constantly adapts to your personal diving style, water temperature, salt/fresh water, ascent rates, and altitude .

Cochran Helium Model


The EMC-20H features Cochran's 20 tissue compartment environment and microbubble cognizant Helium compatable algorithim. Available in configurations from Air only to two Nitrox blends with two PO2's with Helium. The intelligence built into the EMC-20H manages everything else.



The EMC-16 puts you in control before, during and after the dive by letting you custom tune the computer to your style of diving. Available in configurations from Air only to two Nitrox blends with two PO2's. The EMC-16 is the simplest of dive computers to use and understand, even for beginning divers. It is ready-to-use straight out of the box. Merely understand the large easy-to-read display and audible warnings.


Cochran Model EMC16


The EMC-14 replaces Cochran's Captain dive computer and features Cochran's 14 tissue compartment environment and microbubble cognizant algorithm. Available in configured for Air or one Nitrox blend. The EMC-14 is the simplest of dive computers to use and understand, even for beginning divers. It is ready-to-use straight out of the box. Merely understand the large easy-to-read display and warnings. Multi-blend configuration features Cochran's patented gas blend switching.




The GEMINI® is the most advanced "hoseless" air-integrated computer made. The computer uses an extended range 16 compartment algorithm which takes into account environmental considerations.

Cochran Gemini

The first redundant computer system matched with the optional Intelligent wrist unit.

The GEMINI is two dive computers that communicate over a proprietary wireless link.

The tank-mounted computer measures cylinder pressure, depth, etc. and computes, stores, and transmits all data to the Intelligent Wrist Unit. The Intelligent Wrist Unit measures its own depth, etc. independent of the Tank Unit while simultaneously receiving and displaying updates from the Tank Unit. The Intelligent Wrist Unit is a full-featured dive computer that can act independently from the Tank Unit should the need arise.



If you are thinking about buying a diving computer, get the best advice available before making your decision - for further information, please contact us.