BSAC Boat Handling and Technical Diving Courses




What Course ?

BSAC Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox Diver, Extended Range or completion course dives as well as Skill Development Courses.


Further Training

BSAC Skill Development Courses include: Safety and rescue (life saving, first aid, oxygen administration); Technical (nitrox); Seamanship (boat handling, chart work, navigation, outboard maintenance); Club diving (dive planning, compressors, searches, wreck appreciation).






The BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) has been training people to dive since the early fifties. During this time the Diver Training Program has been regularly updated and improved, to keep pace with developments in equipment and diving knowledge. The program is designed to build confidence and self-reliance, whilst keeping safety uppermost.

nitrox diver BSAC, with 2,500 branches and schools, is the largest diving club worldwide. It is internationally recognised as one of the leading sports diver training agencies and their international diver and instructor training is based on over 45 years of experience.


Become a Member of our BSAC Branch

By joining our BSAC club, you will get all the advantages of learning and improving your diving skills as well as just getting on with diving off our boats and meeting new people. The annual cost is €100 and you are entitled to the full range of BSAC membership benefits which includes:


  • FREE Third Party Liability insurance, up to the value of £10m
  • Have your say - as a member of the UK's Governing Body for diving
  • Access to BSAC's internationally-recognised diver training programme
  • Ongoing support and training with the BSAC Regional Coaching system
  • FREE monthly subscription to DIVE magazine, worth £46.80 + £15 postage (approx €72.50)
  • 10% or more off BSAC Shop items (online)
  • Unlimited access to expert advice from the experienced and friendly BSAC Team
  • Save on your diving holidays through BSAC Travel Partners
  • Exclusive discounts on the specialised dive travel insurance Travel4Scuba
  • Unique access to members only areas of
  • Divers' events, including shows, conferences and DIVEFEST
  • Plus…  BSAC member savings on a great range of leisure, retail and travel offers
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BSAC Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox Diver

Introduces BSAC Sports Divers (or above) to the meticulous dive planning and practical skills required when diving and decompressing using enriched Nitrox mixtures. The basic Nitrox course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to safely utilise both 32% and 36% nitrox mixes to extend your no decompression limits. For the more ambitious, we offer the BSAC Advanced Nitrox course which will take your knowledge of Nitrox to the next level to include gas switching and the use of 50% nitrox for decompression.


Prerequisite - be a BSAC Sports Diver or above


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