Wreck of the Asian





Type: Steamer

Owner: F. Leyland & Co. Ltd. (Leyland Line - Liverpool)

Built: J. Caird & Co. in 1898

Yard: Greenock

Hull: Steel with triple expansion engine

Dimensions: 420.6 ft x 49.1 ft

Tonnage: 5514


Originally called the Columbian and in 1900 taken over by the West India & Pacific SS Co, renamed Asian.



Asian - 17 September 1924

British steamship enroute from New Orleans to Liverpool when she was wrecked on the Stags in a strong gale whilst fog bound. 


The wireless operator only had time to transmit one message before the mast fell.  That message was received by the destroyer Seawolf based at Berehaven which went to assist.  Those aboard took to the boats but five were tossed into the sea and one man was lost when two boats overturned.  The Seawolf picked up the survivors and transported them to Bantry. 


A Dutch tug, Wittersee went to the scene but was unable to do much as the Asian had broken her back forward to No. 2 hatch.


Gullies between the Stags well worth while a scenic dive or gentle drift with plenty of seals interacting!




51° 27' N 009° 14' W

7m from Baltimore Harbour, lying west of the Stag Rocks in a North-South direction.



Top: 10 mtr

Seabed: 25-30 mtr



Lying on port side, well broken up, with large pieces (engine, boilers, steel girders etc) recognisable.

Seabed: Rock

Slack-dependant dive site.