Irish Sailing Association powerboat training facility




Powerboat Level I

1 day course - No experience necessary .


Powerboat Level II

2 day course (15 to 18 hrs) - Already some experience running power-boats or Powerboat Level I completed and wishing to further your boat-handling skills and knowledge.


Safety Boat

2 day course - the ISA recommends this certificate as the minimum level of training/knowledge required by the coxswains of boats providing safety cover at Clubs, Regattas, Coaching or courses of Instruction.


Advanced Powerboat

2 day course - participants must have ISA Level 2 or equivalent with good working knowledge and skills of navigation, rules of the road. (Day skipper Shore Based Certificate standard) VHF Certificate and First Aid Certificate are also strongly recommended.


Diver Coxswain

2 day course - Participants must hold the ISA National Powerboat Certificate or equivalent. It is strongly recommended to hold a first aid certificate and Short Range (SRC) VHF radio operator’s certificate.


Coastal Navigation

1 day course (or 3 evenings) - Participants must hold either • ISA National Powerboat Certificate (open powerboats) • ISA Improving Skills Certificate (sailing dinghies, keelboats or catamarans) • ISA Competent Crew Certificate (sailing yachts) • ISA Helmsman Certificate (motor yachts).



ISA Powerboat Courses

Anyone running a powerboat, either for pleasure, working with sailing or diving clubs and other watersports activities should develop their skills through proper training with the ISA (Irish Sailing Association). Aquaventures in conjunction with Irish Water Sports (IWS) an approved ISA powerboating centre offers training from absolute beginner to expert level in the type of powered craft that you want to drive.


What is an ISA Training Centre
• An ISA Training Centre is an organisation that has, in partnership with the ISA, undertaken to provide quality tuition and training to national and international standards.
• ISA certified training courses can only be run at accredited ISA Training Centres, by suitably-qualified staff, who follow the relevant national syllabus, use appropriate well-maintained equipment and have adequate safety support.  The ISA through its Inspectors continuously monitors its recognised centres to ensure that operating standards are being maintained.

• All the courses in the ISA Powerboat Training scheme can be taught in displacement as well as planing boats with the exception of the Advanced Certificate.


The ISA's Powered Craft Schemes will allow you to learn and develop your skills from absolute beginner to expert in the type of powered craft that you want to drive. All ISA student materials are included in the course fee and if you prefer to use your own craft during the course, to gain more practice and experience, then talk to us first as that's a great option.

Aquaventures have teamed up with Irish Water Sports - and covers the following powerboat courses (with a minimum of 3 students required on each course, scheduled to suit your time table):


Introduction to Powerboating

The aim of this course is to provide a short practical introduction to boat preparation, launching, recovery, handling skills and manoeuvres and basic rules using powerboats on all Irish waters. 

It is ideally suited to anyone new to powerboating and those whose primary role will be as crew on a powerboat. By the end of the course participants will be able to safely and effectively crew a powerboat and take the helm while under supervision.

National Powerboat Certificate

Further training after Level 1 (or combining level 1 and 2 in one go) with theory and practical experience of handling powerboats with an insight into the safe use of such craft on coastal and inland waters, the equipment they should carry and a knowledge of the aspects of seamanship, tides and weather, anchoring, mooring, man overboard drill, engines and drives, buoyage and rules of the road.


National Powerboat Certificate (Assessment only)
The certificate can also be achieved through direct assessment of practical skills and theory paper for those with plenty of experience running powerboats.
Safety Boat Certificate

Techniques and skills used in powerboats such as escorting racing fleets of dinghies, wind surfers and canoes; providing safety and rescue cover for training fleets; towing; mark laying; assisting in race management duties.

Advanced Powerboat Certificate
By the end of this course, the successful participant will have a sound introduction to using fast open boats at sea. An essentially practical course equipping experienced boat users with the tools necessary to take fast open boats like RIBs on coastal passages, this course covers skills ranging from advanced boat handling (high speeds), seamanship, pilotage and navigation by day and night, heavy weather handling, meteorology and tides and emergency situations
Diver Coxswain Certificate
This course introduces and develops the skills necessary to take charge of a powerboat that is deploying and recovering divers on inland and coastal dive sites, by day, on waters with which the coxswain is familiar. It is not a diving course, as the divers the coxswains are transporting and deploying should be responsible for the planning and implementation of all in and underwater activities.

Coastal Navigation

for Small Boats

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely navigate a boat by day and by night in coastal waters with which you are familiar. It is intended as preparation for either the ISA Advanced Sailing Certificate (sailing dinghies, keelboats or catamarans) or ISA Advanced Powerboat Certificate (open powerboats). Subjects include chart work, instruments, plotting, buoyage, lights, tide and tidal vectors, position fixing, etc.


Age Restrictions
The ISA recommends that no one under the age of sixteen years should be left in charge of any powerboat without appropriate adult supervision.

Under Irish law it is illegal for anyone under the age of sixteen to operate a powerboat that is capable of 17 knots or more. Aquaventures and Irish Water Sports do not offer power boat training courses to anyone under sixteen years old.

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